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Automated Fly Control for CattleI had spent many years in the cattle industry when I once again decided my fly control measures must be changed. Having tried most methods on the market, but with minimal results (mainly due to a lack of time to properly implement them) I knew there must be a better way.

So, I started to think of better ways to achieve my desired results. I wanted a stress-free method that would be versatile enough to fit my pasture rotations and effectively remove flies at my convenience.

Knowing that spraying was an effective method but time consuming I began searching for a way to maximize an application method of fly spray.

Finally, after several years and many modifications I achieved my desired results.


Automated Fly Control for CattleThe 3-D Quik Hand has developed into the best and most efficient fly control method available today. If you are looking for convenience, quality fly control, no herd stress, great versatility and minimal time consumption, then the 3-D Quik Hand is for you.

Let the 3-D Quik Hand work for you!


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