What is the 3-D Quik Hand Cattle Sprayer?

The 3-D Quik Hand is a fully automated fly sprayer. Special features include:

  • Self contained
  • Quick setup
  • Works day and night
  • Empty fluid level indicator light
  • Sprays back and sides of cattle
  • Quickhand4SmallBattery operated and solar charged
  • Counts number of passes thru sprayer
  • Senses direction of passage sprays only on exit
  • Automatic shut-off if cow stays to long
  • Expandable wings to close off 16’ opening 
  • Can be towed with 2” ball hitch
  • Centering bars direct cattle to center of sprayer
  • 15 gallon tank
  • Timed machine shut-down
  • Spray from top and both sides (150 ml. or 5 oz) x 3 sec. spray
  • Spray only from top (#8 tip) (40 ml or 1.4 oz) x 1 sec. spray
  • Straight stream from top (70 ml or 2.4 oz.) x 1 sec. spray
  • Capable of filling tank from ground – no climbing!


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